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Chin Straps
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Keep your hat from blowing off in the wind with our Stampede Strings... Chin Straps for hats 

Western slang for a hat chin strap our stampede strings can easily fit onto about any kind of hat. 

We have 2 main types of braided deer leather chin straps.
  Both styles come with a braided slide knot and your choice of tassels - or not. 

A full loop style braid that goes around the crown of the hat twice to form a hatband/chin strap combination all in one.    And a type that attaches easily with a split pin inside the sweatband of your hat. 

 Anything can be customized.  
In Stock Items ship with in 1 to 2 days.  

Please allow about 1  to 2 weeks for Made to Order Stampede Strings   

Stampede String/Hatband Combination
loops around the crown of your hat

  1. Loop Leather Stampede Strings
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
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  5. Managing Director

Stampede String (chin strap) attaches with a cotter pin under the sweatband of your hat

  1. Stampede Strings
  1. In Stock Stampede Strings
    In Stock Stampede Strings
  2. Herringbone Slide Knot
    Herringbone Slide Knot
In-Stock Stampede Strings
Ready to Ship
  1. Stampede Strings w/ No Tassel
    Stampede Strings w/ No Tassel
  1. Black deer leather hat chin straps
    Black deer leather hat chin straps
  2. Black deer leather hat chin straps
    Black deer leather hat chin straps
  1. In Stock Braided Leather Stampede Strings
    In Stock Stampede Strings
  2. In Stock Leather&Braid Stampede Strings
    In Stock Leather&Braid Stampede Strings

More In-Stock
Stampede Strings
(Chin Straps)
w/ Matching Hatbands

Deer leather makes a supple and strong braid that feels good and wears well.​  Comfort for your chin!!
 Custom braiding available with anything we make. Just let us know!

 Stampede Strings... Made To Order

Deer Leather Colors:

  1. Deer Leather Braid Colors

Slide Knot Choice:  

  1. Basket weave Knot (Turk's Head Knot)
  2. Gaucho Slide Knot for chin straps
    Gaucho Knot
  3. Herringbone slide knot for stampede strings
  4. Pineapple Slide knot, any color combo
    Pineapple 2 Colors

See our instructional page for installing chin straps

Horse Hair Tassels

  1. Horse hair tassels for stampede strings
Horse Hair Tassels $15.00 
Cream, Black and Sorrel

Stampede String with Cotter Pin Attachment  
Easily attach to any hat with a sweatband.
 Deer leather chin strap w/ custom choices for length. colors, knots and tassels.  Or no tassels at all.
Normal length is about 17.5" braid length.  Any custom length is available.

  1. Stampede Strings - Cowboy hat chin straps
  1. Custom Stampede Strings (chin straps)
  2. Stampede String, russet deer leather
  3. Buckskin Stampede String (chin strap for hat)
  4. Tan braided stampede strings for hat w/ black horse hair tassels
  5. Herringbone Slide knot
  6. Leather chin strap
  7. Tan chin strap for a hat
  8. Basket weave Slide knot
  9. Cotter pin chin strap
  10. Herringbone Slide Knot
  11. Stampede String ( chin strap for cowboy hat )
 Deer leather chin strap w/  super easy cotter pin attachment  Link to Instructions
Includes eyelets and loaner eyelet setter.  See the  Instruction Page​​

Stampede String / Hatband Combination
Deer leather Loop Hatband and Stampede String Combination Loops Around the Crown

  1. Loop Stampede String/Hatband Combination
  1. Braided leather loops over the crown
  2. Braid thru the eyelet and loops over the crown
  3. Stampede strings braiding thru the eyelets
  4. Slide knot on the chin strap, Keep your hat on!
  5. Full Loop hatband/stampede string combination
  6. Russet deer leather loop, Any color combinations
  7. Russet herringbone slide knot
  8. Chocolate deer leather stampede strings
  9. Leather braids loop over the crown

Braided deer leather loops that go thru eyelets on each side of the crown and loops over the top of the hat forming a hatband/ stampede string combination in one.  Includes any choice of knot and color combinations. Makes a very substantial chin strap.  Good for hard working hats.

We hand cut the thongs to be about 1/8" diameter braid for the hatband and 1/4" for the stampede strings.  Any custom length. 

$88.00 with leather tassels, any knot or color combination.

Custom Slide Knots