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We have 2 types of braided deer leather stampede strings that easily attach to any hat. 

 A loop style that goes around the hat twice to form a hatband/stampede string.
And a set that attaches easily with a split pin inside the sweatband of your hat.

Both styles have a slide knot that will cinch up under your chin to keep your hat on.

Chin Straps with cotter pins.   (Stampede Strings)
Easy attachment with a cotter pin that fits under the sweatband and opens to stay in place. The braids are about 17.5" long with a slide knot to keep your hat on.
Turn hat upside down and insert the pin in-between the stitching of the sweatband and the hat. With out breaking the stitching spread the pin open so it is hidden underneath the sweatband. 

  1. Cotter pin attachment chin strap
    Cotter Pins
  2. Under the sweat band
    Under the sweat band
  3. Cotter pin in- between the stitching
    Cotter pin in- between the stitching
  4. Spread the pin in place
    Spread the pin in place
  5. Stampede Strings (chin straps)
    Stampede Strings (chin straps)
  6. Under the sweat band
    Under the sweat band

Loop Stampede String/Hatband Combination​
Braided Deer leather loops go thru eyelets in your hat on each side of the crown and loops over the top of the hat forming a hatband/ stampede string combination in one. 
We hand cut the thongs for the hatband to have a braid about 1/8" diameter x 23" long.
The stampede strings are cut wider to have a brad about 1/4" diameter. 

  1. Keep your hat on
    Keep your hat on
  2. Loops over the crown
    Loops over the crown
  3. Hat Underside
    Hat Underside
  4. Braid thru eyelets
    Braid thru eyelets
  5. Loop Stampede Strings
    Loop Stampede Strings
  6. Loop Chin Straps (Stampede Strings)
    Loop Chin Straps (Stampede Strings)
Setting the Eyelets
For the loops to pass over the crown it is best to have eyelets in your hat and for that we offer an eyelet setter (on loan) and black eyelets. Instructions and eyelets included.   Please let us know and we will include it
  1. Grommet Setter (On Loan)
    Grommet Setter (On Loan)
  2. Loop Chin Strap
    Loop Chin Strap
  3. 1/4" Hole
    1/4" Hole
  4. Placing grommet
    Placing grommet
  5. Setting the grommet
    Setting the grommet
  6. Grommet in place
    Grommet in place