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​We specialize in hand braided leather products.  ​​
Old-time craftmanship using 
the world's finest braiding leathers.
Keep Your Hat On!
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  1. Custom Hatband and Stampede Strings
  2. Managing Director
  3. Braided Hatband w/ Gaucho Knots
  4. Leather & Braid Custom Hatband
  5. Braided leather wide braided hatband
  6. Double pass hatband w/ fancy knots
  7. Double loop hatband/stampede strings
  8. Cowboy hatband braids
  9. Cowboy hat with lariat loop
  10. Campaign Braid Hatband
  11. Braided leather hatbands
  12. Braided Leather Hatband
  13. Double pass hatband
  14. Double Loop Hatband and Stampede Strings Combo
  15. Braided Double Loop Hatband
  16. Herringbone ridge braid hatband
  17. Managing Director
  18. Managing Director
  19. Riding high
  20. Turquoise Cowboy Hatband
  21. Managing Director


Braided leather hatbands with a wide selection of braids, knots and colors.  Bands using the crocodile and herringbone ridge braids.  Cowboy, Gaucho and Herringbone slide knots.  Premium USA Deer and Elk Leathers and Aussie Kangaroo 

 100% guarantee that you will be happy with your hatband - or no ask returns.   For Pre-made and Ready To Ship see our Store.    
Questions?  Give us a call...  575-418-7319

Questions?       Call: 575-418-7319   or    E-Mail: [email protected] 

100% Guaranteed... Always.

Ready to Ship Hatbands...exact items shown
  1. Herringbone Ridge 
No tassel.-terminal knot
    Herringbone Ridge No tassel.-terminal knot
  1. Stampede String/Hatband Combination
    Stampede String/Hatband Combination
  1. Herringbone ridge hatband
    Herringbone Ridge Hatband w/ Horse Hair

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 Braided Leather Hatbands
Hatbands hand-cut and braided by us.

Deer Leather Colors:

Deer Leather Braid Colors

Horse Hair

Light Sorrel,
Dark Sorrel

  1. Turk's Head Knot
    Basketweave Turk's Head Knot
  2. Gaucho Knot
    Gaucho Knot
  3. Herringbone Knot
    Herringbone Knot
  4. Herringbone Knot
    Herringbone Knot

​Call:  575-418-7319
E-Mail: [email protected]